Wee Teck Hian began his journey as a photographer in 1997 after an eventful road trip in the United States with friends.

He spent 17 years as a photojournalist with a newspaper and covered many major news developments in Singapore.

Outside of work, he embarked on several passion projects. From 2004, he followed the dramatic redevelopment of  the Marina Bay area from a large, empty swathe of reclaimed land to a skyscraper-filled business and recreation district anchored by the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort. He captured the grit and glitz of the massive makeover over 10 years and started taking panoramic black-and-white photos, which he would develop in a small darkroom at home.

His other projects include SGreen (a series of images of lush, untended green areas that are increasingly rare in urbanised Singapore), the redevelopment of the iconic National Stadium between 2007 and 2015, and the final weeks of the former KTM railway station in 2011.

He believes in staying curious and the importance of knowing one's heritage.


他曾在报社从事新闻摄影工作长达17年,报道过许多新加坡的重大新闻。在工作之外,他也着手进行多个个人摄影项目。 从2004年,跟随着滨海湾地区戏剧性的开发,捕捉了超过十年滨海湾大规模的改造,从一片空旷的开垦土地变成今天的摩天商务大楼和休闲区。 并在家里的一个小暗室中进行冲洗与印片。 其他的项目包括SGreen,以新加坡热带树木和绿地为拍摄题材,2007年至2015年之间,国家体育场的拆除与重建,以及在2011年记录了在新加坡的马来亚铁道(KTM)最后六周的残影。